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Is This The End of The Road for Claims Management Companies?

Date: 26-11-2012
On the 19th November the government outlined its proposals to reduce from £1200.00 to £500, the amount of fixed recoverable costs for Claimant solicitors who process claims through the RTA Portal, for claims with a value of up to £10,000. For claims valued up to £25,000 the fixed fees will be set at £800.00. Read more >

The "compensation culture" is to be reviewed by the Government

Date: 21-07-2010
The new Government has demonstrated a desire to shake up the UK compensation culture. This is well overdue some might say and is not surprising given the current legal climate. Personal injury litigation is on the increase and many Claimants are seeking out compensatory damages through litigation for trivial injuries where legal costs often exceed any award of damages or settlement. Read more >

Identifying fraudulent highways compensation claims

Date: 15-07-2010
The compensation culture in Britain has resulted in local authorities paying out approximately £250 million pounds a year on highways slipping and tripping claims according to recent figures. Read more >

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