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Brown v London Borough of Brent (2010)

The Claimant alleged that her foot was caught in a defective drain on the carriageway causing her to fall and suffer injuries to her knee, calf and elbow. Read more >

Ahmed v London Borough of Brent (2010)

The Claimant alleged that she twisted her foot upon eroded and uneven ground when she stood up from a bench near the children’s play area at a Park.
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Westlake v Starline Investments Ltd (1) London Borough of Brent (2) Genesis Housing Group (3) (2010)

The Claimant alleged that she tripped and fell over an area of defective paving causing her to suffer a fracture to her hip and thigh. Read more >

Mongan v London Borough of Brent (2010)

The Claimant alleged that he tripped and fell over a paving slab on the footpath which was protruding by 20mm - 25mm above the surrounding area. The Claimant’s own photographs (taken a week after the accident) showed the defect to be below an inch. Read more >

Hussain v London Borough of Harrow (2010)

The Claimant alleged that he sat on a defective bench at a bus stop which fell backwards causing him to sustain an injury to his right shoulder. The council operated a system of monthly inspections to the area which included a visual inspection of the bench.  The bench was inspected three weeks before the accident and no defects were noted.  The council made arrangements for the bench to be repaired/made safe within two hours of notification of the defect. Read more >

Jakubus v London Borough of Brent (2010)

The Claimant alleged that he stumbled on a fallen part of concrete post with metal mesh attached to it. The defect was on an adopted path for which the council was responsible for the maintenance and repair. The Claimant alleged that he fractured his ankle as a result of the accident. Read more >

Walsh v London Borough of Brent (2010)

The Claimant alleged that she tripped on a large pothole near a manhole cover at a pedestrian crossing. The Claimant alleged that at the time of the accident the manhole cover had sunk below the surrounding area by at least 1 ½ inches however the photographs did not show that the defect was a hazard.
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De-Lantivy v London Borough of Brent (2009)

The Claimant alleged that she suffered damage to her motor vehicle as she was driving into a nursery when the access control bollards were not operating correctly. The Claimant alleged that the bollards suddenly raised when she drove over them. Read more >

Salimian v L B Brent (2009)

The Claimant suffered significant damage to his motor vehicle when the front tyres of his vehicle went into potholes as he was driving along a residential road. The Claimant sought damages alleging that the defendant had failed to maintain the highway in breach of the Highways Act 1980. The Claimant also alleged that the road was not adequately lit. Read more >

Martinez v Brent London Borough Council

The Claimant suffered bilateral wrist fractures in an accident whilst riding his moped when he went over a sunken manhole cover in the road belonging to Thames Water Utilities Ltd. The Claimant alleged that the sunken manhole cover was dangerous and that the accident was caused by the Defendant’s breach of statutory duty. Read more >

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